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John Kabore

John Kabore

C’est avec une profonde tristesse que le Comité exécutif vous informe du décès de John B. Kaboré, ancien Sous- directeur général chargé des Relations avec les pays d'Afrique, survenu le 12 mai 2020 à Clamart dans sa 88 e année.

John B. Kaboré fut dans les années 70 et 80 l’un des hauts fonctionnaires les plus estimés dans l’Organisation tant par ses collègues que par les membres des Délégations permanentes avec lesquels ils entretenaient des liens professionnels cordiaux.
Il a contribué au renforcement des relations de confiance entre l’UNESCO et les pays d’Afrique. C’est sur cette base que des projets de développement nationaux ont été formulé dans les domaines de l’éducation, des sciences, de la culture et de l’information, dont l’exécution a été confiée à l’Organisation.


It is with great sadness that the Executive Committee informs you about the death of John B. Kaboré, former Assistant Director-General in charge of Relations with African Countries. He passed away on May 12, 2020, at Clamart in his 88 th year.
John B. Kaboré was one of the most esteemed Senior Officials in the 70’s and the 80’s, both by his colleagues and by the members of Permanent Delegations with whom he had established the most cordial professional links.
He contributed to reinforcing the trustful relations between UNESCO and African Countries. On this basis, many a national development project was formulated in the areas of education, science, culture and information and entrusted to the Organization for implementation.


Getting to know Mr Kabore was a privilege..follow this personal story..
Among 50 Ugandan students on french scholarships of 3 years each, we were put to different Universities in France, according to the courses to be undertaken. I went to a Vichy University of Languages from 1977 to Sept 1979.

Before completing Vichy, a military coup took place in my country in April 1979.
After University and unable to return home, I opted to contact friends I had met during my previous employment in Kenya, especially from UN Agencies in Ethiopia, who often attended our meetings.
Among these, was former UN Secretary General, Late Mr Kofi ANNAN (Ghana). RIP Chief.
He referred me to UNESCO Executive Board Member (Nigeria).
Early 1980, I was invited to a scheduled interview for different categories of staff posts at UNESCO.

I passed the interview and my first post was at the Africa Sector under Mr John KABORE, ADG.

Mr Kabore always had a pleasant personality; he dressed smartly; a strict timekeeper; a perfect adviser especially to new staff; newly accredited delegates from Africa to various posts at UNESCO and in France at large.
He was a distinguished diplomat who endeavoured to do his best for projects between African countries and UNESCO.
To his family, please accept my sinceres sympathy. May the Lord sustain and give you all strength to overcome this loss.


Grace Alupo

John Kabore

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